Teaching The Teacher


This morning, between picking up popsicles for water play and fighting off some ants on the playground, I walked through the school during circle time. Four kids were sitting on the carpet with Mr. Thomas, their eyes trained on him. “Do you wanna sing Take Me Out to the Ballpark with me?”

Thomas is a college student, finance major, with no aspirations for special education. But he is able to engage with this group of kids in a way I cannot. He plays basketball with them. He takes them to the zoo when they earn it. He laughs with them when they are silly. It has been pretty cool to watch him learn the kids and how to interact with them, and how to highlight their value.

And Thomas isn’t alone. We hired a big staff to work for 40 days in our Summer Clinic. This summer we have taught 23 kids, but I think it is safe to say they have taught our 13 staff more.