To run or not to run


We have done six annual 5K races, and we love to do them! They are fun and energetic, and get the community involved in our mission. This year though, I wasn't sure. Are they overdone? Are there too many 5Ks? Our timing service left, so it certainly isn't as convenient....

I'll admit, I was waffling. And I was excited about doing something else. And I *may* have told some people we weren't gonna do a race. 

But guess what! I have had a change of heart. I mustache you to consider registering for our event, which will be held on October 1st this year. We will have a 5K and a 10K, and we found an excellent timing service with Robert at TTR Timing! So get a jumpstart on No-Shave November, and join us for a hairy little race in October!

To run or not to run? Psh. There's no question.