Year 8


I am astounded that we are beginning our eighth year at The Helping House. Eight. EIGHT!!!

It seems like yesterday that I called my dad and said "Hey, I think Josie and I want to start a little school for special needs kids.... Can you help us?" How far we have come! I look at the eight students we have today, and think of the 24 we had this summer, and the eight we had last spring, all the way back to the three we started with in 2008... We have worked with a lot of kids! Over one hundred! And I talk to more families every week. There is a need in our community. I am blessed beyond measure to be used through our little school to meet that need. 

So when you get a nudge in your heart to pack up your desk and walk away from your job.... well, I can't say its the smartest thing I ever did. But I do know that God has used The Helping House in a way I never imagined. I have no regrets. I am excited to see where the next eight years take us!